Many Churches have locked their minds

and closed their eyes, and cannot seem

to see the WOLF

   They overlook things crucial to life as the below document speaks about, and which God has spoken on with many miracles.  And rather with a big  mouth magnify and praise man’s confused religious agenda, doctrines, and righteousness.  And yes God is bringing judgment. God did not provide all these miraculous images in such a miraculous manner in 2019, and now allow a world crisis without reason.  Note around 50 images God provided are shown at the bottom of this page!

Is God Presently Giving The Churches A Space To Wake Up, A Time To Open Their

Minds And Eyes Before He Shakes Things Even More, And Like Never Before?

God did show me (A Bender) a great crisis and food shortage wherein there was finally an awakening.

God Wants The World To Know His Truth And Good

Plan Which The Serpent And Devil Have Cruelly Obscured!

Note,  www.GodBeMyRock.com closely relates to this site and shares amazing issues.


Man's religious

rules and dogma

often makes people

feel quite superior to

others. Yes proud and deserving. And hide

God's goodness, a

thing which God


Religious errors and oppressions have caused many to grievously FaintForThirst.com,  thus many greatly need to find the life giving and genuine BreadJesusGave.com! 


Believing unto

salvation is not a

 casual yes I believe it

matter, but is motivat-

ing and transforming. Further  while  many  imagine our world is engulfed with truth,

there rather is a

truth famine.

(Amos 8:11-13)

Genuine Faith In Christ Is Both Pure And Liberating! 

See The Crucial And Illustrated Six Page Document Below.  

   Many who claim to believe in Christ and the Bible, haughtily go about imagining they are some special Holy ones, while they rather should be ashamed because they at the same time largely overlook the very freedom and truth that Christ and their beloved Bibles stand for. Many passionately promote they are saved by faith in Christ although they obviously don’t understand what Christ really stood for, nor understand that truly believing in Jesus includes an unction from heaven that believes insomuch it makes people share Christ’s vibrant  and real emphasis (Matt 16:16-17, 1 Cor 12:3, John 7:38, Luke 6:46). That living faith includes humility such as is open hearted and willing to admit errors and to change which is repentance. Yes that faith sees eternal values and causes people to set their affections on things above and to lay up treasure in heaven where moth and rust does not corrupt, and causes people to carefully seek and follow Christ. That faith instigates purity as is keenly honest, just, and hungers for truth and righteousness. That faith includes charity which cares about others as did Jesus who came to set the captives free and to open the eyes of the blind. That faith as it lives and moves makes those who possess it willing to leave the comfort of the often haughty and sleeping church and go out on the mountains and to get dirty and to be falsely accused as they seek and pursue the truths of their Saviour the one who declared TRUTH BRINGS FREEDOM (John 8:32). Yes Christ's truth brings blessed freedom as God withholds no good thing and His laws create the perfect law of liberty (Psa 84:11, 119:45, Jam 1:25, 2:12). Which freedom although being bountiful and great, certainly is not freedom to get into or make others trouble, as it is a healthy and perfect liberty.

       Too many Christians seek to overlook the inescapable and CRUCIAL ISSUES OF LIFE the below article speaks about, and which God has shown His great care about with a multitude of signs and wonders. And yes many rather will focus on supposed prestigious religious subjects, and hold to popular religious dogma which too often is saturated with vain traditions and painful commandments of men, which wrongfully make people feel special and worthy. A striking verse for those who dote and dance upon a mere man made righteousness and therein despise and feel better and Holier than others reads, "Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day." (Isa 65:5). God speaking of the religious meeting of such ones said "I hate and despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies." (Amos 5:21). Yes God certainly is not pleased with man's self chosen and often oppressive religious manners, and rather declared the things He chooses and accepts are to free the oppressed, to undo heavy burdens, and break yokes (Isa 58:6)! Would you be pleased if you created something outstanding and wonderful for your child to enjoy and someone influenced your child to believe it was base or evil? That is exactly what the devil and erring religion has done. Now on the other hand, many people although not holding to commandments of men, foolishly have cast away all law and even God’s good and protective laws, and nothing matters. Yes another big problem.

       The subject deeply researched in the following article although having many branches crucial to life is often avoided. But God rather than avoiding it has provided more and more miraculous incidents relating to it, bringing the subject to the forefront. Yes those who overlook issues accented by miracles and crucial to life as discussed below, and who rather trusting man's religious dogma walk about with their head lifted high imagining they are a special Holy people should beware! As they certainly, rather could be a smoke or stench in God’s nose that burneth all the day long (Isa 65:5).  Yes their manners have greatly misrepresented God and turned many away from God and all religion, even true religion with good and healthy laws.

Note many miraculous incidents showing God's

concern about the subject of these pages are given between the pages.

Note  ReligionGoneBananas.com shares a unique allegory relating to this document.  By A Bender

   I was praying religious errors would fall like tall dead trees and especially thinking of issues discussed here and the Church shown above.  Therewith this heart shaped tree fell Valentines eve and blocked a driveway of that church during a service.  While possibly the greatest miracle is that is filled with up to 50 meaningful images.

It fell the Valentines after writing these pages. For more about this tree and church see HeartsAndLoveRevealed.com . See UprightAndFallingTrees.com for related tree incidents.

   God has also spoken on these things by a massive fire seen for 40 miles around which uniquely occurred on my 50th birthday (Feb 10 2011).  This event occurred at a most meaningful time in studying the Greek Bible on issues discussed here.   Further the flame uniquely related to my repeated prayer that God would light my darkness and candle.    For more see   CallOfFire.com.  

God has also spoken of these things through miraculous tears

in both my and my wife's Bibles!  At two most vital Scriptures pertaining to veiling of women.  See VeilOrGlory.com for more. Yes the evil mouth of false-hood has bitten into and torn out what these Scriptures should tell us.  A miraculously placed hair also adds to the message!

   God has also spoken on these things by this show of adelighted whale after liberated from a stifling net on Valentines day! And later by another whale found very mysteriously dead soon after Valentines! What God intended to bring delight, religious confusion has caused to bring pain and death. Interestingly the whale was liberated 4 days after the Feb 10 2011 flame, while all the events largely gave the same liberating message.

Broadly Published Events

   God also spoke to me on these issues through historical meteors and meteorites on Feb 15, 2013. The one struck and greatly shook the earth and another almost did so. These stunned me with their unique correspondence with my efforts that Valentine's season as I had just created a potent poem with a liberating message I felt should shake the earth, and HAD SHARED IT AND ALMOST SHARED IT with another organization but had withheld.  Yes, the meteor and meteorite actions perfectly aligned with how I had dealt with the poem and certainly did what I felt the poem should have done.  Coincidence?

   God also spoke on these issues through a buck deer with both back legs broken at its knees and running with it broken legs dragging behind at matting season.  Yes this painful sight appeared in our front lawn at a most meaningful time in my study of things being discussed here and keenly demonstrated the great pain religious sexual oppression brought upon humanity!  Yes and many more amazing incidents could be shared.


Although God certainly is displeased with sexual oppression, that

does not mean He approves of sexual perversions.  God has

uniquely spoken on such as well as in images below.

   "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (Lev 18:22).

Although God is long suffering He in due time judges nations given over to corruption. 

Interesting I Wrote And Shared This Warning Poem

On Feb 28 Shortly Before The Plandemic Crash.

Many for some reason, don’t seem to care,

Thus few might read, and few might dare,

This page and images, to probe and share.

But events to come, are drawing near,

Even the year 2021, is almost here.

But many have closed eyes, they feast without fear.

They’ve locked up their minds, they have no ear,

As God has shown, so strong and clear.

Shown through rich images, which He now has sent,

In these last days saying, oh look and repent.

But many trust in man, and refuse to look or think,

Although our world is tittering, on destruction’s brink.

The wolf stole the good, and honors what’s perverse,

Reversed the very Word of God, and brought on us a curse.

Yes God’s laws are good, and a sweet command,

But PRIDE can’t admit error, can’t change or understand,

Thus corruption has increased, and filled our hearts and land.

The godless and religious, have both, grasped corruptions hand,

Thus God who isn’t mocked, will bring His judgments planned.

To learn God’s gracious truth, on which we can praise and stand.

Explore JesusSaveUs.com, and through Him find God’s ways so grand!




 Published On

May 2014

    This massive rock miraculously approached and stopped about 12 inches from this church, while further this rock event for various reasons has had enormous meaning to me.   On Mother’s Day 2014 I was in a prayer group at Attwell Revival Center and told the prayer group of a huge rock, largely the size of this rock, buried in our front lawn.  Being uniquely buried right in front of our front door, and very near the road and with just a tip of it visible. For years I had DUG FOR SOLID ROCK TRUTH and for quite some time strongly felt this rock symbolized my efforts and truth being buried with only a tip visible. I told those in the prayer group I felt both my religious and humanitarian efforts were almost totally buried just like this rock near the road and needed to come out of the ground to reach the world or church. They then had a special prayer on my behalf. Interestingly the next morning the story of this rock coming out of the ground and almost striking this church was on Fox News. Note, a video, and much more about the rock incident, can be seen at HeavensFingerPrints.com.  The site also  shares numerous other meaningful miracles God provided.

    In conclusion here are given two photos of images as in the Valentines Tree.  I believe they have a special meaning for our time, and for what is going on in our world in 2020.  A unique number 21 is one of the many vital images, and likely pointing to 2021.  An Eagle's beak is in a wolf's mouth.  Also a beast, and below the beast the letters and numbers  e, i5, 6, and gL .  Yes and much more.  

Miraculous Images In The Valentines Tree Slightly Edited For Clarity, But

After Seen Can Be Clearly Seen Without Any Editing!  Non Edited Version Given Below.

None Edited Version  

Images Slightly Accented    Non Edited Version Given Below

Non Edited Version

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